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Tipping point whitepaper

The report spoke to 2,500 hospitality businesses, staff and customers to gain their insight into UK tipping culture, the new government legislation, and shifts in trends in the UK.

Insight session 2024

We had a brilliant day at our 2024 insight session, discussing recent industry trends and delving into what they mean for businesses.

What is three rocks® XMS and what does it mean for hospitality?

three rocks® XMS is a flexible experience management system which enables businesses to create a tailored CX tech stack to match their needs. Bringing together decades of experience, offering businesses a pick and mix of cutting-edge technology.

Data auditing

You must make the most of any customer, one way of doing this is through the power of data. By implementing intelligent data capture, venues can build a single view of their customers.

Why technology holds the key to great customer service

The current cost of living crisis has meant that UK consumers have less disposable income, forcing many to eat or drink out less. This means that when consumers do visit restaurants, bars or pubs, they want it to be worth it.

Company News

Introduction to three rocks

At the start of October we announced the merger of Adactus and Six Sevens Solutions, coming together to form three rocks, a people-first technology company specialising in enhancing consumer, employee, and user experiences.

Thame 10K

Well done team for running the Thame 10K

TVCC awards 2023

We are really proud to be runners up in The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Awards 2023 for Employer of the Year.

Team day at our client's restaurant

Last Monday we had a face to face all day company meeting at one of our clients restaurants – The Works, creating a pop-up office for the day

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Awards 2022

We are proud to be runners-up in The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Awards 2022 for Employer of the Year

Bank holidays: ensuring long-term success from seasonal rushes

Bank holidays often generate a spike in customers for hospitality businesses. This extra footfall is a chance for businesses to collect valuable customer data and critical information that allows them to attract and retain more business going forward.

Data-driven marketing; making a start

B2B customers are just B2C customers who happen to be at work. They are most likely to respond positively to marketing messages that are relevant and significant to them.

Why automation holds the key to surviving the labour shortage in 2023

Automation is becoming increasingly popular at bars and restaurants in the UK. Recent advancements have meant that jobs previously done by staff can now be fulfilled by online systems, AI, or even robots.

How you can mitigate no-shows this Christmas?

No-shows are a huge issue for the hospitality industry. A recent study from The Hospitality Professionals Association (HOSPA), revealed that the number of customers who fail to honour their bookings equates to roughly 12% of customers.

Using technology to engage internal teams

The modern working world has become increasingly dependent on technology. Fueled by a move to remote working in the last four years, both our private and professional lives are now endlessly connected through technology.