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Guests consistently spend more money and report greater satisfaction when using our order management system compared with offline ordering – and important marketing data is collected about every visit.

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When a customer arrives, first impressions count. How long it takes to seat them, deliver their first drink order, and take their main order, as well as the atmosphere and finally the wait for their bill are just a few of the processes that can be improved by our in-visit customer ordering solution. Customer experience in the food and beverage industry is key, that's why so many big names in the fast food and restaurant industry rely on online ordering software.



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Team orders

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Delivery & Collection

More and more food service brands and restaurant owners are offering guests the option to order via a website or app. This may be for delivery and collection, or, increasingly, for Order at Table systems, enabling customers to order on their own devices or via a kiosk or drive-thru screen. Implementing a restaurant management system enhances the customer journey and gives the business key outputs including, sales reports, inventory management software, employee scheduling, improved back of house operations, and key performance indicators.

With our experience management solution (XMS), your customers manage the pace of their visit, your front and back of house team are informed, and inventory management is updated, all while ensuring consistency and exceptional service.

Personalisation of experience

An ordering system allows you to showcase products, prices, offers and deals in a way that is tailored to the guest’s needs. For example, kids menus to those with children, and nutritional or allergen info to those who need it. It also ensures that the front and back-of-house team are consistently and accurately informed on what the guest wants – allowing them to offer great service.

Deals and voucher management

In this value conscious time, deals are more important than ever. Our system will manage any relevant vouchers and allows you to decide the percentage or money off the bill.

Benefits of implementing an in-visit ordering system


Consistency of communication – every guest is shown your products the way you want them to be

increase spend

Higher customer satisfaction and increased spend-per-head

Labour efficiency

Labour efficiencies - redeploying or reducing staff numbers

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Additional revenue channels – collection, delivery, drive-thru...

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Have you considered Kiosk for your restaurant?

We know as consumers that we like control of when, how and at what pace we order. Using Kiosk when placing orders in a hospitality environment gives the consumers all of that as well as some amazing business benefits that solve a variety of time related issues outlined below.

Our research found that 29% of Brits said that when it comes to dining out, they waste time waiting to be served, this could be avoided with a Kiosk. Contact us to find out more about our Kiosk solutions.

Streamlines labour and efficiencies

With the industry facing unprecedented labour shortages and demand for higher wages, self order kiosks can help reduce external pressures. By redeploying or reducing staff you'll create a better customer experience with less overheads. Win Win!

Allows you to remain agile

Increases upsell and gives operators the power to adapt as the business needs. You can modify your kiosk solution and it enables you to be more agile, as new functionality can be live in days and weeks, rather than months.

Improves order accuracy

With the customer in control of placing their order, there is less risk of time-strapped team members mishearing or misinterpreting the customer’s requests, reducing overall margin for error. This is vital for customers with allergies.

Increases upsell and tips

Customers spend more using self service kiosks. A good kiosk experience lets customers explore the whole menu, providing enticing images, thorough meal details and a full range of optional extras. Kiosks never forget to upsell with sides, meal deals and targeted promotions through loyalty programmes.

Captures loyalty

By integrating kiosks you get valuable data on how your customers are behaving across different ordering channels. Capturing that data enables you to create personalised and targeted promotions for your customers, increasing loyalty and overall customer spend.

Real time stock updates

Your stock is updated in real time so customers only see products that are available to them, avoiding any annoyance of ordering something you can't have

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