reporting and intelligence

We have spent years developing bespoke business intelligence solutions for the big players, with this insight we can now share our knowledge with everyone, and enhance your insight capabilities.

We have filtered the tech insight to become accessible to everyone, whether you are a single site or a multi-chain business, we can help

If you have a unique requirement, we can talk about how we bring that to life and bring you on the journey to build this

Single view of the data

Permissions and access are tailored to each team members needs. Data is relevant to their roles.

Zoom in & out

View data from a high level to the lowest grain.
Zoom in to answer the whys and zoom out to see the impact on the business as a whole.

Become a data driven business

Manage all your data across sites in one platform, from anywhere.

Predict, forecast, report and track

Use insight to make informed decisions and improve performance.

Optimising labour to understand staffing level and effectively set shift patterns according to need.

three rocks will analyse your labour forecasting with you, ensuring it is optimised for peak times so that you are utilising your workforce in the most efficient way.