customer comms

delivering customer intelligence

Customer data is vital to the next stage of your relationship with them. Creating a single view of the customer database to track where, when and how a guest uses your brand is crucial.

Our CRM product offers customer relationship management through a single view of the customer. It does this by collating and organising data from all of your customer touch points, as well as increased business development through data analytics and more.

Our CRM software solution enables you to talk about the specific locations, days, meals and products that matter to your customers You can show what is new, and to help customers to find the greatest value in their visit, as well as analyse menus, products, and locations to deliver growth where you can see demand.
This helps you to target your customers correctly, and allows you to introduce new products, services, and locations, giving your marketing and sales team the power to reach the right people, at the right time, through delivering more tailored campaigns. building off of customer feedback, and increasing your marketing capabilities.

Using our CRM software, customers get a much more personalised experience which you can build on and refine as you collect data, and understand customer behaviour and gather their feedback

Whether you are in hospitality, leisure, events or any other sector, Customer Comms is adaptable to suit your needs - a solution that builds your marketing capabilities and automation, while enhancing guest experience and brand loyalty.

Benefits of implementing a post-visit intelligence system

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