Pizza Hut Restaurant ordering

the developer's view

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The Developer's view

Our Pizza Hut Restaurant blog series will look at this huge project from a number of different perspectives, starting with the thoughts of Sandeep who has been a key developer in our ordering programme for over 7 years. The Pizza Hut restaurant implementation, completed at pace during the first Covid lockdown in 2020, not only facilitated a safe reopening when restrictions eased, it also offered an excellent customer expereience - as can be seen by the 90%+ adoption by customers.

We have been working with Pizza Hut Restaurants, our first restaurant client, for 15 years now, building a loyalty app and implementing our order-at-table product that sits alongside their website – as a team we are so proud of what we have achieved for them and our continuing relationship with the brand.

Sandeep, lead developer on this project says:

“Since joining Adactus, Pizza Hut Restaurants have been my main client, it has been great to work with a client which you can use in your life too and test your work with your family in a social setting.

The main things I have learnt from the project and Pizza Hut, which I will take forward to other projects include:

  • High traffic website - When it comes to online food ordering 90% of people order when they are hungry. It doesn't follow the same behaviour as online shopping. Hence any food ecommerce website has an increase in traffic during lunch and dinner time. You have to be careful and consider whatever code changes you make to the project, as one small change made without consideration can cause the delay.
    Working on this project has taught me so many things about ecommerce website and user behaviour.

  • Payment journey - any ecommerce website needs to handle a payment journey. This project has given me opportunity to learn and integrate with various leading payment providers. We have successfully implemented three payment providers and went live with the client’s specific provider.

  • Product management - working with the same client or business for a long period of time makes us think far ahead in the future. We always try to make life easy for us and them, so their business can carry on with little disruption.
    We have created an administration product for the client to manage many things themselves. This allows them to add and remove products from store, for example if they have a supply chain issue, it can be instantly taken off the website.

  • Voucher management - Customers always look out for the vouchers. We have made a great voucher management tool which covers pretty much all types of vouchers which can be used on the food ecommerce website. This tool is so in advance that it allows lower level of granularity to the client to manage themselves. It’s a product which any one can understand and feel comfortable using.

I feel proud when I go into Pizza Hut with family and friends, when I am able showcase this product to everyone and know I had a big part in executing it.

As an ongoing project we will be looking to enhance the user journey even further as well as give more control to their marketing team to change products.”

We are so excited about our future projects with Pizza Hut Restaurants and our continuing relationship with the brand.