Pizza Hut Restaurant ordering

the project manager's view

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The Project Manager's view

In the second article of our Pizza Hut Restaurant series, we are going to look at the project from the view of Louise, the Project Manager:

“I joined Adactus during the pandemic and was brought into the Pizza Hut Restaurant project early in 2021. As restaurants reopened, they had to be flexible to meet the requirements that were different across England, Scotland and Wales.

During this time Pizza Hut Restaurants continued to focus on the customer experience in their Huts – customers couldn’t go to the buffet or salad bar so they had to create new deals to replicate the experience – the Bluffet! The Order-at-Table product continued to be updated and developed during this time with improvements being made on a regular basis. We have also integrated to accept gift cards alongside all other forms of payment.

I learned how companies had to swiftly adapt to changing requirements. Also it has been great to work with the development and test team to make sure we continue to offer our regular support on top of the new requirements.

There is a great sense of achievement for the whole team, it’s great to see our product being used on a daily basis. We work closely with the client to deliver what they want. We are proud to showcase what we do to new starters in the team as well.

I don’t think I would change anything - you can only learn and grow from the experiences we have had over this unique time. We and Pizza Hut adapted quickly to changes required. We continue to learn from each update to the platform.

Pizza Hut already have a number of improvements they want to make. All based around the customer journey so it is great to work on improvements that are making a real difference to customers. We look forward to supporting this work.”