ease the pressure of staff shortages

with Customer Ordering

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Staff shortages – another headache for restaurants desperate to rebuild trade after the challenge of the last year.

Not having a full complement of staff for every shift can mean:

  • Being unable to open for some services across the week.

  • A drop in service standards as the team is stretched.

  • Absence due to sickness or self-isolation has a greater impact because of lack of cover.

Technology can help you

One way to reduce these effects is to set up an order-at-table system.

Implementing one will bring benefits to both your company and customers:

  • Consumers have shown they are happy to order from their phones and in the current times this increases safety.

  • Shorter wait times: guests needn’t wait for a member of staff to become available to order.

  • Leaving admin tasks to the technology frees up staff to do customer-facing tasks, improving service and cutting down on errors.

  • The convenience of being able to order from a phone increases spend per head.

Customer Ordering

With 20 years' experience in Food Ordering, we know what customers like when it comes to ordering food online. We also know that every brand and every menu is different – one size does NOT fit all.

We’ve processed millions of delivery, collection and at-table orders for very large brands, and now we have a solution for every size of restaurant.

Fully configured to your brand, menu and products, with no per-transaction fees, Customer Ordering can improve satisfaction, increase spend, and be part of your answer to staff shortages.

Want to find out more? Contact us to discuss how we can help your business be more profitable and efficient.