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the tester's view

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The Tester's view

In our third blog of our Pizza Hut Restaurant Ordering series we are looking at this project from a tester's point of view. Kavitha the tester for this project said:

"At Adactus, I have worked on many different projects, but Pizza Hut Restaurants has always had a special place. Not just because of the kind of work we do for them, but also there is a sense of pride when I see the website being used by my friends and family. I remember the expression on my son’s face when I told him that I helped Pizza Hut Restaurants to develop their website – he was thrilled! He even placed an order to table all by himself – it goes to show how easy and user-friendly the website is. He loved customising a half and half pizza and was impressed to receive it without needing to speak to any waiting staff. It shows how quickly PHR has adapted to the changing times. Their website is quite feature-rich and is constantly updating, so I’m never bored on this project.

I have learnt a lot about the workings of an ecommerce website. Many of Pizza Hut Restaurant’s customers use a mobile to place their order at the table. As a tester, it is very important to me to ensure there are no UI or functional issues on the mobile journey. As a very popular food ordering website, Pizza Hut Restaurants sees huge traffic during lunch hours and we also have lunch specific deals so I have to make sure that the menu products, deals and vouchers work as expected on multiple browsers.

The payment system is the heart of an ecommerce website. Integrating the website with the payment provider has been another feature that needed intensive testing. I had to not only make sure that the positive journey works as expected and we do not take double payments, but I also had to check for all the negative scenarios and make sure that we handle them correctly.

Pizza Hut is a high traffic, complex website to test. It is very important for me to not compromise with the quality of our software and for this, it is very important that we work as a team. Working in this project has made me a better team player and this will help me in all my future projects.

Pizza Hut Restaurants is such a big brand that anyone in any part of the world recognises it and I feel very proud to tell my family and friends about my contribution.

We are working on a website rewrite project which will integrate with Order to Table via our SmartQ Bookings widget, and make the application seamless. We are also enhancing the current system and making it more user friendly. I’m excited about our future work with Pizza Hut Restaurants."