data-driven marketing; making a start

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Data-driven marketing

B2B customers are just B2C customers who happen to be at work. They are most likely to respond positively to marketing messages that are relevant and significant to them – whether that’s about a holiday for their family, or a product or service that they may need in their work role.

If this is true (it is), how come so much B2B digital marketing is “one size fits all”, when we all know that, as customers, we don’t buy what we don’t need or care about?

The main reason for this must be lack of confidence.

Businesses tend to believe in the theory of data-driven marketing, but feel they are somehow not ready. They think they have insufficient data or are not sure what the data they do have is telling them. So, they send broad messages and hope they land with at least some of the customer base.

In our experience, businesses can be more targeted in their approach, particularly their messaging. Making a start is the most important step, because we start to see results that adds to our data and understanding.

To help you get more confident, we’ve identified a few important steps and principles outlined in the diagram.

If you’d like to discuss these topics, or want our help, we’d love to talk to you.

Data driven marketing steps