Answering the 'wonder whys'

Answering the 'wonder whys'

Have you ever wondered why your customers have made certain choices, whether that be repeat orders, same time bookings or special occasion treats? The ‘wonder why’ questions don’t have to be a mystery anymore.

Adactus Customer Intelligence

The Adactus Customer Intelligence product enables you to get insight on customers and understand their behaviour, allowing you to target, service and cater to your customers’ needs effectively and improve their journey. For example, as the customer Reserves a table or appointment, using Adactus Reservations, you will identify preferences that can be saved – for example wanting to eat outside, or a table by the door.

Adactus Customer Orders

Linking to this product and within the same suite, Adactus Customer Orders will track repeat behaviour which will help you to tailor your customer experience based on the insight given – Increasing your customer satisfaction rate.

If a returning customer always orders champagne when they arrive, Adactus Customer Orders will pick this up, allowing you to make sure there is champagne waiting for them at their arrival.

But data capture doesn’t stop there. Adactus Customer Orders, gives us a chance to learn the customers’ favourite dishes, their preferred drink, their dietary requirements, whether they have kids etc. The front- and back-of-house team are consistently and accurately informed on what the guest wants, to give a great level of service. All valuable data to keep refining the way you talk to your customers in a more personalised and relevant way.

With thousands of hours work gone into creating these products, it is a powerful engine which will help increase sales and improve your customer experience.

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