What is three rocks XMS and what does it mean for hospitality?

In recent times the hospitality industry has had a multitude of challenges to overcome. From rapid modernisation in the pandemic, to the recent cost-of-living crisis in the UK, today’s operators must be agile, accurate and consistent to succeed, as well as offering their customers a unique and memorable experience which sets them apart from the competition.

What are the challenges facing today’s hospitality businesses?

The difficulties facing operators are vast. The United Kingdom is currently going through a cost-of-living crisis, which has tightened the budgets of millions of consumers. This has meant that spending on luxury items or experiences, which hospitality often falls under, has been more reserved. On top of this, huge price hikes on energy, imports and other operating costs have given businesses less room to maneuver, while a labour and skills shortage, accelerated by Brexit, has made it much harder for operators to find and retain skilled and reliable staff.

While life has largely gone back to normal post-Covid, the hospitality industry is suffering from a few hangovers from the pandemic. People have become used to ordering using self-service kiosks, at-table QR code systems, or on mobile apps, and although this acceptance of technology has been a huge boost for many hospitality businesses, there are some which are still trying to catch up. And even for those which have adopted technology, there is still work to do to get their experience just right, and to use the tech effectively.

In the last few years operators have been forced to rush to digitise, fueled by the pandemic and the shift in customer expectations thereafter. This has led many to take on systems which fix their issues, but often also come with unnecessary capabilities which the business has no use for. Due to the number of solutions available on the market today, hospitality businesses are also finding themselves using different providers, supplying tools or systems to handle individual parts of the restaurant, bar or pub’s operations. This can cause crossover, where tools do lots of the same things, but are being used alongside one another because they have a specific capability which the other does not. This isn’t efficient or cost effective for operators.

How are we helping operators overcome these challenges?

We have spent the last 20 years working alongside businesses to help them integrate the right technology for their specific needs, giving them the tools they need to enhance experiences for their staff, customers and all other stakeholders. Over the last few years, we’ve spent countless hours developing a new way of working, which takes away many of the sticking points that operators are experiencing, while also helping to address some of the bigger, industry-wide issues facing hospitality currently. And our answer is three rocks® XMS.

What is three rocks® XMS?

three rocks® XMS is a flexible experience management system which enables businesses to create a tailored CX tech stack to match their individual business needs. It brings together decades of collective experience, offering businesses a pick and mix of cutting-edge technology.

These solutions include digital booking systems, self-service kiosks, restaurant order management solutions, CRM and data analysis processes, and virtual queueing systems.

Our hospitality technology experts work with brands to help them understand their challenges, and create the perfect mix of technology to overcome them. three rocks® XMS is truly modular, allowing operators to utilise flexible solutions, ranging from pre-visit systems, in-visit, front and back of house solutions, and post-visit marketing, engagement and feedback tools.

How does three rocks® XMS mitigate the issues facing today’s operators?

What’s special about XMS is its flexibility. It can be used in any industry and can consist of any of our products, solutions and tools. This removes the danger of unnecessary expenditure caused by capability crossover, and improves efficiency and effectiveness of tools, only ever giving businesses the support they truly need.

three rocks® XMS allows businesses to harvest and analyse all of their customer data, giving them valuable insight into the behaviour and mindset of their customers. This is crucial to creating the right experience for every customer, which in the current climate is critical for ensuring success and growth in what is a difficult time for the industry. Attracting and retaining customers is key, and that is what three rocks® XMS delivers.

It ultimately puts the power to enhance experiences in the hands of hospitality operators. Not just aiding in the day-to-day running of a restaurant, bar or pub, but also the constant improvement and refinement of the experience they deliver.

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