Introduction to three rocks

At the start of October we announced the merger of Adactus and Six Sevens Solutions, coming together to form three rocks, a people-first technology company specialising in enhancing consumer, employee, and user experiences.
The two brands are joined forces to combine over 50 years of collective experience in designing bespoke technology solutions driven by data collection and analysis, for brands such as Pizza Hut, TGI Fridays and The Big Table Group,

The new company will be headed up by former owner and Managing Director of Adactus, Scott Muncaster while both Six Sevens Solutions Directors, Matt Rawlins and Andrew Kaplan will take up the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Data Officer positions, respectively.

Meeting each other for the first time nearly twenty years ago, the three leaders previously worked together at national restaurant chain, Pizza Hut, delivering solutions such as the brand’s first online ordering service, which now accounts for more than 70% of the restaurant chain’s sales.

Scott became the owner and Managing Director of Adactus in 2016, a people-first software company, helping businesses deliver great customer experiences by tailoring bespoke solutions to clients’ specific requirements, budget and timelines. Through scalable solutions that were built with future needs in mind, Adactus’ products and services were configurable to businesses across a range of sectors from hospitality to hairdressers, dentists and vets to advertising and marketing firms, those that need to take orders, bookings, or appointments, or need to make sense of their customer and sales data.

After leaving Pizza Hut, Scott then served as a consultant to several national restaurant groups, which is where he first met Adactus, as their client. Scott went on to purchase part of the business and develop it. Through knowledge and relationships built over time, Scott was able to add real value once he understood what clients and colleagues needed. His focus was on keeping things simple, breaking challenges down into bite-sized pieces and finding the perfect place to start; something Scott still believes in today.

After working alongside each other for many years at Pizza Hut, Matt and Andrew eventually launched Six Sevens Solutions in 2019. The brand took on Pizza Hut as one of its first clients, delivering data driven solutions and analytics to the chain.

Six Sevens Solutions brought together 30+ years of experience in designing, developing and implementing innovative data analysis solutions, including global reporting systems that deliver business intelligence for multinational organisations. The brand’s mission was to help clients integrate on-premise, digital and cloud solutions that transform data management landscapes and align with their business vision, strategy, growth and performance targets.

Following their time together at Pizza Hut, Scott, Matt and Andrew all remained in touch, and always planned to work together again in some capacity. In late 2019 the three began talking in more detail about how the two brands could work together, however these conversations entered a hiatus when the pandemic struck in 2020. Despite these setbacks though, all three were determined to come together, and in 2021 plans for their partnership really accelerated.

After working together to deliver some joint projects, they realised that the most impactful way to address the key issues plaguing the CX and hospitality industry was to come together permanently in a merger. This is where the idea for three rocks was born.

From reservation and ordering systems to post-visit CRM systems, three rocks has brought together the respective skills of both the Adactus and Six Sevens Solutions teams, turbo-charging their collective in-house skills and capacity to develop industry leading solutions, starting with its new flagship product, three rocks XMS.

three rocks’ XMS is a flexible experience management solution which enables businesses to create a tailored CX tech stack to match their individual business needs. Incorporating over seven solutions, XMS offers clients a pick and mix of cutting-edge technology including digital booking systems, self-service kiosks, restaurant order management solutions, and CRM and data analysis processes. Businesses benefit from a tailored suite of products that match their needs and budgets, and transform customer service, experience, and company growth, and not just within hospitality.

This is exactly why three rocks was created, to maximise and improve the skills and knowledge of both teams, and to create products and processes that help clients enhance their experiences easily and efficiently

Commenting on the merger, Scott Muncaster, Managing Director of three rocks, said: “It’s fantastic to launch three rocks. Since working with one another in our previous roles, Matt, Andrew and I have been looking for ways to bring our respective strengths and skills together to offer businesses a better, more efficient way of delivering customer service that fits around their commercial requirements. Three rocks is a perfect culmination of that. We believe in putting people first, making lives and experiences better, one solution at a time.

“The Six Sevens team has some truly outstanding knowledge and know-how in the data consultancy sphere, and coupled with Adactus’ software development experience, we’re much more powerful together.”

Matt Rawlins, CTO of three rocks, said: “It’s an honour to be joining forces with Scott and the rest of the Adactus family. Between us we now have an extremely wide set of skills across the team, meaning our level of capability on both the data and software solutions fronts has increased significantly. The purpose of the merger is to connect the brands’ respective expertise, creating a comprehensive, joined-up offering that helps to enhance experiences across all of our target sectors. We’re extremely excited to finally join forces and to be working together.”

Andrew Kaplan, Chief Data Officer, of three rocks, said: “Having worked with Scott first nearly twenty years ago, Matt and I have always been looking for ways to partner with him again. After being halted by the pandemic back in 2020, it’s fantastic to finally be able to launch three rocks as a new brand. Between our data knowledge and Adactus’ experience within the CX solutions experience, our mission is to deliver products that enhance and improve experiences for all clients, whatever sector they work in.”

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