Implementation of 'onView'

Whether it’s a school, college, university, commercial organisation or specialist provider, their multi-functional furniture is designed to make learning and working spaces engaging, fun and above all effective.


Implementation of 'onView' - an online portal for the status monitoring and management of a suite of 'Intelligent Furniture'.

What we did:

We worked with zioxi to develop and build the web portal for onView, their remote monitoring and control system to accompany their technology focussed furniture products.
Each piece of equipment responds to a multitude of instructions, anything from a simple on/off command at a specific time to a more complicated request for location bearings, usage reports and battery life notifications.


Bringing IoT to bear on zioxi's range of innovative furniture has provided eductional establishments across the country with the latest in time and cost-saving technology.

"They have been a key partner in bringing this vision to life; showing the tenacity, creativity and knowledge necessary to drive through the issues that leading edge projects encounter.”

Rob Sirs, Director, zioxi Limited