TGI Fridays

Creating and enhancing loyalty


Adactus were briefed to drive late night sales, which was a simplistic problem, we were able to come back to TGIF with the science, experience and marketing as a joined up approach to ensure we added measurement into the campaign, with analytical results to use moving forward.

What we did:

Our approach was highly controlled testing whilst narrowing the commercial imperative, providing a learning platform for TGIF to work with, working collaboratively with their in house marketing team gaining results they can tangibly use.
As part of an ongoing programme to get deeper insight on customers' purchase preferences, the brand was able to conduct a robust test of personalised offers.
To support the marketing and finance teams by running basket analysis and conducting a trial of personalised offers for users of the TGI loyalty app. We took a cut of the brand's transaction data and identified customer segments with a propensity to buy certain product combinations. This allowed TGIF to send relevant offers to specific groups based on proven purchasing habits.


The brand has the need to drive footfall we help them do that in a direct successful way and maximise the data – discount
The campaign was able to drive more visits to the restaurants and increased frequency of visits to use the products more and not ditching particular products.

What's next:

As part of this project the team loved the collaboration with the marketing team at TGIF, which is ongoing to this day.