New web application

PSI is an independent third-party, which enables libraries, publishers and membership societies to work together securely and confidentially towards the common goals of facilitating legitimate access to scholarly content, eliminating subscription abuse, eradicating IP misuse, and combating cybercrime.


To implement a brand-new web application to store, categorise and manage organisational metadata including IP data, domain data, and hierarchical information. Also to implement an IP blacklist database and a solution for the sharing of threat information amongst stakeholders in the publishing industry.

What we did:

The two solution products needed, the IP Registry and the Intrusion Database, were built in .NET on top of a SQL backend.
The IP registry allows authorised institutions to manage and maintain all their metadata and for the changes to be seamlessly pushed to their publisher partners. The Intrusion Database allows for the reporting of threat data and the extraction of an IP blacklist.

Tech Stack

  • MVC
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • Rust,
  • Sql Server
  • .NET


Each solution enables the automatic distribution of data amongst all stakeholders in the publishing industry, one for the distribution of “good” data and the other as an alert of “bad” data

“The reporting and ease of access to information has meant we can help organisations streamline their processes and increase accuracy and we can also actively combat subscription abuse, IP misuse and tackle cybercrime head-on. Our customers are impressed with the system's simplicity and functionality, the team fully met our requirements and more.”

Andrew Pitts, Managing Director, PSI