Intuitive & accessible ordering system


To help reduce the impact of staff shortages and increased business costs, as well as making ordering accessible to everyone.

What we did

Introduced a kiosk system, taking the mobile ordering system and developing and adjusting the functionality of it to be more accessible.


With a mobile ordering system, not everyone can access it; some people don’t have a smartphone or mobile data, but a kiosk is accessible to everybody. With a more intuitive system and a bigger screen it is easier to see and use, even kids can use it!

Shifts can now run with less staff, and the staff that are there can focus more on the service provided rather than the admin of taking orders and payment. So, the business saves money on staff costs and the customers receive a better service.

Staff time is saved; no longer having to wait for customers to decide on their order. And customers are in control of their time too, not having to wait for their bill.

Customers are more satisfied with ordering themselves, spend increases, with more opportunity to upsell, order accuracy is improved and the service they receive is consistent, with all the right product information given and allergy management is made easier.

What's next?

Currently trialling in 3 restaurants in one chain, with plans to extend this to the entire fleet of 150+ locations.

Tech stack

  • Web API
  • Sql server
  • MVC
  • C#