Groves emphasis was on big orders with the large retailers with 70% of orders coming from the large retailers and 30% from small – Adactus reviewed the current process and recommended an approach that allowed search for 1,000’s of items to be logical and user friendly, offering a filtering platform. The platform allowed for opportunities to upsell that complimented the physical experience that the customer was used too.

What we did:

We provided a dynamic platform that enhances the sales of older stock and introduce new products, increasing volume sales, improving the user journey and overall experience – with top of the range search facilities.

Tech stack:

Using a combination of nop commerce, elastic search and .net core API to help make these fundamental changes. We have extended the basic functionalities to suit the clients needs and allow the code to be expanded upon when needed, futureproofing their site.


They can offer their clients a better experience whilst offering the same Groves quality that they have always been used too. Their customers experience more relevant search results in a fraction of the time. This contributed to driving change and continually improving the offering Groves gives to their clients. In partnership with Groves, we have created them a super-efficient bespoke platform offering ordering, payment, and delivery within 24hrs via barcode scanning and computerised stock management.