Events company

We have provided data services to an events business for several years, specifically maintaining customer databases for each event.


During the Covid pandemic, business (and continuity in terms of personnel) was dramatically disrupted and those events that could be run were managed in a pragmatic rather than strategic way. As a result, good practice and strategy has taken a back seat until now, for entirely sensible reasons.

With optimism for a more normal year’s trading, and with newly engaged members of the events team were keen to maximize the benefit of the database in driving food festival sales as well as other events.

What we did:

Adactus walked through the various points of digital contact with customers and subsequent processing of their data and created an outline of the events data landscape.

The diagram outlines the process undertaken.


As a result, Adactus suggested a range of recommendations to be implemented.
The proposal approach is as followed:

  • First, a “Set-up for Success” project to get the data in good order, secure, compliant and to complete initial analysis so that they can prioritise segments with the greatest opportunity for sales growth.
  • Second, a “Delivering Success” retainer service covering ongoing data maintenance, management, insight, and planning support to drive those sales.

Tech Stack:

  • Power BI
  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • Power Query
  • Python

Companies are finding themselves poor at times due to lack of people or busy times in terms of deadlines and workload. Adactus are a safe pair of hands to manage and maintain projects including sensitive data and intelligence that will enhance a company offering.