Creating a community research survey platform specifically tailored to churches to help them better understand and meet the needs of their local communities and to inform the architectural design process


To transform a basic spreadsheet database into an integrated survey platform with a simple user-friendly interface. The suite of surveys targets five different respondent groups and the data needs to be analysed, processed, collated and presented in an accessible and easy to manage format

What we did

We took our client’s brief and made it a reality, launching the simple ‘home-grown’ survey on a professional, marketable platform


Leap Architects can offer the community survey programme to their church clients as a service, helping them gather data in a quick, easy and templated way to inform the architectural design process and help their clients understand the needs of their neighbours and to make a bigger impact

What's next?

Using intelligence to analyse the data collected from the surveys, turning it into presentable and useful information for the client to use. In the fulness of time, further development will refine the survey suite and improve its functionality, potentially offering multi-language options to attract a wider audience

"They have done a brilliant job of taking our spreadsheet based community survey and transforming into a user-friendly web-based interface. They listened to our needs and quickly grasped the complexities of the project before effortlessly handling the techy stuff that we didn’t know where to begin with.

The journey was relaxed and enjoyable; the team have a relational approach to their work and take a genuine interest in the products they’re working on; their input goes beyond the mechanics, adding value through broad expertise, relevant experience and creative dialogue."

Kelvin Sampson, Leap Architects