Offering a unique experience

Businesses have had to get creative in how they offer products and services

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Businesses have had to get creative in offering products and services to maintain sales during lockdown.

Apart from food and other essential items, shopping during lockdown has been exclusively online. While it gets the job done, it can feel a bit cold and distant. People like buying from people - the online experience needs to include some personality.

Companies have developed innovative ideas to improve their service and make it more personal and engaging. For example:

  • Arranging a concierge to bring products to customers’ houses so they can try, then choose what to buy. This provides the physical and social aspects of shopping, and offers a unique, tailored experience.
  • Providing an online video service so that friends can still shop ‘together’, which recreates the sociable and fun feeling of a 'real world' shopping trip.
  • Offering an augmented reality experience so the buyer can see how products will look in situ.
  • Having a live chat box on their website to provide expert advice which allows interaction with real people.

Developing unique ways of selling and tailoring a perfect customer experience will help you stand out from competitors and naturally increase sales.

Having innovative ideas is great, but to succeed they need to be implemented well. At the end of your customer’s experience, you want them to purchase something and come away feeling happy.

We can help you

As we implement your ideas we will make sure that the user experience is clean, simple and intuitive; we remove barriers to completing the purchase. Our goal is to maximise your sales - showing your products off and making them easy to buy.

Give us a call to chat about how we can support your ideas for a personalised offering and get the crucial parts of online ordering right.